Friday, November 14, 2003

I've seen the writing on the wall.

And it says HDTV. I knew it would happen eventually, and I've been seeing more and more of it lately, so I figured I might as well take care of it now. Today I adjusted all the existing PL short shots to be HDTV-safe, which is to say I expanded the TV safety margins a bit to the sides. Since I'm working in vector the resolution issue is no problem -- I'm now using the HDTV resolution that's 150% of the resolution of regular NTSC: 1280x720. There is in fact a higher resolution available that's 200% the resolution of NTSC, but for a transitional work such as this, I don't think that'll be necessary, even though it supports as high as 30FPS progressive at that resolution. It's the same frame rate as NTSC unless you want to go interlaced, in which case you can go twice the frame rate as well -- 60 fields per second, just like NTSC. The difference is that at the 1280x720 rez, you can actually have 60 full progressive frames per second. For anyone who doesn't understand what all this means, it just means HDTV is up to twice as detailed and twice as smooth as analogue NTSC.

The fact that HDTV is also 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen, that is), means that I had to make sure there was nothing on the sides of the existing animation that I didn't want to show up on TV, and that the backgrounds didn't just end before the edges of the screen.