Saturday, February 20, 2010

Progress bar

It's not as visually informative as the old chart (doesn't tell you which shots are complete and which are in progress, etc.), but this simple progress bar I've added on the sidebar is probably easier to use and understand.  It's slightly easier to update, as I only have to change some numbers in the widget, but it's still far from automatic.

Ideally, I'd prefer to just have a page on here with all the shots in a list, with boxes by each one that I could tick, and it would calculate the percentage and other number changes itself.  I had tried to accomplish something like that by putting the list in Google Docs and making it publicly accessible for chart usage, but I ran into problems.  If anyone knows of a solution along those lines, please pass along that information.

Also, I'm now putting a "completed shots" tag on any announcements of that kind of progress, in addition to the vaguer "progress" tag.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Migration complete

Although the migration of posts to the Blogspot host was quick and easy, it took many hours to restyle the page template to resemble the previous version and add all the new stuff.  But here it is, at its new location,

I'm deprecating the old blog, but leaving a forwarding page there.

I've also gone through a couple of older posts and restored broken links to the screenshots which were located in the now-defunct galleries.  See the posts using the new "screenshots" tag.

Also take your pick of tracking systems in the navigation bar, including various aggregators through Feedburner, email notification, and Google's "Friend Connect" thing that I've never tried.

Next thing I need to get up here is a new progress chart, and maybe a video clip or some more screenshots.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Migration and updates

As was mentioned on the main WR news blog, Blogger is shutting down the FTP publishing version of these blogs as of May 1, so this blog is joining the others in migrating to their other system. This will mean a new address and probably improvements with the content posted here.

In addition, the screenshots, video clips, and other material will be henceforth posted on my Deviant Art account and my Youtube account, according to their nature.

In the meantime, I've restored the broken content here, though the posts between now and the time it broke in the first place seem to be missing.

Coming with the changes will be better navigation, searching, and tracking for you readers, and hopefully also a more useful progress meter than the frequently misunderstood chart I've been using here.