Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Hey, it's been a month

And where the hell have I been? Well, on a long trip back to California for one thing. And whilst there on a dial-up connection I found that the PL Flash site doesn't give a very good indication that it's loading the graphics when you click on certain externally-loaded resources. I'll have to fiddle with that a bit.

But more PL-related, I've spent a few days getting this puppy ready for web-publishing -- Malachi, some of whose art is in the WR guest gallery, had this project in the works for some time, and it's ready to show now. He animated an entire opening animation sequence for Pink Lemonade on his own! His original file had a rather short music loop in it, but the ever-resourceful Louie Ambriz rose to the task of creating some original music for it, and threw in some nicely-mixed sound effects, as well. Check it out: