Saturday, February 20, 2010

Progress bar

It's not as visually informative as the old chart (doesn't tell you which shots are complete and which are in progress, etc.), but this simple progress bar I've added on the sidebar is probably easier to use and understand.  It's slightly easier to update, as I only have to change some numbers in the widget, but it's still far from automatic.

Ideally, I'd prefer to just have a page on here with all the shots in a list, with boxes by each one that I could tick, and it would calculate the percentage and other number changes itself.  I had tried to accomplish something like that by putting the list in Google Docs and making it publicly accessible for chart usage, but I ran into problems.  If anyone knows of a solution along those lines, please pass along that information.

Also, I'm now putting a "completed shots" tag on any announcements of that kind of progress, in addition to the vaguer "progress" tag.

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